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Since December 1997, Father Daniel Meynen has published on this site the works of Ronald D. Curley, "Father Anthony", a former evangelical Pastor. Father Anthony - not yet a priest - was led by the Holy Spirit to enter the Roman Catholic Church in 1995 and received the sacrament of Confirmation on Easter 1997. But not finding for him and his brothers the diocesan support for the ministries and peace of heart to work freely for the Lord, he left the Roman Catholic Church to enter the American Old Catholic Church in August 2002. Recently, on January 25, 2003, Father Anthony has been ordained a priest (see picture on left).

Father Daniel Meynen wants to continue to support the publication of Father Anthony's works, in the communion of a unique and orthodox approach to the Holy Scripture and a unique Spirit of God. May the visitors of this site say a prayer for the Unity of All Christians!"

Father Anthony is the Superior of "The Saint Anthony House" of the Monastery of Mary in the Wilderness (Stevensville, Montana, U.S.A.). He writes a weekly homily you can receive regularly via e-mail. Join the subscribers! Click here!

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Mary thru Jesus; Jesus thru Mary -- always

MARY: Our Mother, the Mother of the Beloved

The Mysteries of Rosary: Joyful, Sorrowful, and, Glorious

Mary and the Most Holy Rosary: Some Thoughts of "Symmetry"

Mary and the Most Holy Rosary: Some Thoughts of "Symmetry" (follow)


My Little Song to Mary, the Immaculate

Mary: A Personal Reflection on Luke 17:11-19

A Portrait of Our Lady: On Sorrow and Joy

Our Lord and Our Lady in the Fifteen Magnificent Prayers of Saint Bridget

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Matthew 8:5-13: A Cry for Compassionate Intercession

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The primacy of preaching: The St. Anthony of Padua Model



The Treasure that we have

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Te Deum

One Day

My Requiem

My Tribute to My Grandmother (Pauline Pope)

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