You come to us, our LORD and GOD
 with the tender touch of the Mother's Hand
 and through the Voice of the Loving Father.
We hear Your Voice and sense Your touch,
 within us as signs of Your Holy Love,
 extending around and into the hurting inner heart.
And, then, we feel that we are not alone.
We discern You there within / between each
 painful internal sensation.
We sense Your Mother's  touch and Father's Voice.

We are not alone, since we are,
 "Christiani alter Christus,"
 called to be another Christ.
We have been freed to become all
 that You, our God, intended.

We see those vacant eyes that view us weakly
 the pain filled stares,
 the hate filled glares,
 the mournful despair,
 resident in so many.
We see You come to us through those eyes.
They are eyes that reach out to us for light.
Their hands also reach to grasp our hands,
 to touch and sense Your touch,
 Your signs of holy Love,
 extending around the hurting hearts --
 They are "raining on the inside."

We sense You there within the small events,
 much unseen by others,
 that seem to mean so little
 to those who look on
 from their lofty heights.
Those insignificant moments of life
are our wondrous opportunities
to become all that you intended us to be.

That Mother / Father tender touch,
 Your hands extended,
 as living signs are there to soothe
 the hurting hearts.
Your Mother / Father Voice calls forth
 for us to put at ease,
 restore the resting place,
 where we, and he, and she
 may sense that all is well.

Oh, God, that I, that we, may see,
 and be, that Sacred Heart of Jesus
 to one another.

      R. Curley