Mary -- My Tribute : A Portrait of the Blessed Hope we Have

In this reflection, I have seen the promises of God reaveled through the events surrounding the life of Mary -- our Blessed Hope in Jesus.

With God's Blessings -- Ron


My Tribute to My Grandmother
(Pauline Pope)


Ronald D. Curley

In the land where Mary lived, a special time was sanctified
To take a pair of turtledoves in tribute to God's Torah,
A sacrifice to make of them, their souls would satisfy
The Heart of God and purify the souls that sought the Lord.

There, a man of God, named Simeon with Anna near his side,
Were there at Bet' Y'rushay'im. Their souls would satisfy
The Heart of God and glorify a lovely soul that sought her Lord.
These two were righteous and devout, awaiting from on high --

The promise of Messiah, God's Consolation to Israel.
Now, Simeon spoke to Mary first, a message to deliver,
To tell of a piercing sword, the thoughts of many to reveal,
And thereby in obedient faithfulness, his ministry's desire --

Was finally discharged, his blessings spent upon this Revelation.
"Now, Master let your servant go in peace beside this Holy Word,
My eyes have seen, prepared for all, this Blessing of Salvation."
This is the Light that all may see and come to know and love.

How the hearts of Mary and Joseph felt the message Joy within,
That Adam's helpless race all over the earth would hear the Song
Again within their souls as well, this freedom from the sting of Sin.
How mindful was our Eva's nod, this blessed mother of the Song.

Within her heart, she felt this sword so clearly in his life and death,
That he should taste for Adam's race the sorrow that came by Sin.
The pain of the Man of Sorrows upon the Cross, that Adam could be healed,
Was felt in her sweet loving breast, calling too for us to come within --

To know again the Sacred Heart of God, as does our beloved today.
Oh, Anna, full of worship and prayer now in the Temple of our God,
You now see our Consolation's Face in bright and shining Day,
The Face of Jesus once so marred, now, the Morning Face of God.

For, where the pain and sorrows came with piercing sword and shame,
Now, there, the bright and shining Light, and there the cleansing fire
Of God's great Love and Mercy sweet, the self transforming Name
Of New Adam, the Son of Eva sweet, of Him we all must desire.

How, we see so weakly through these shells of life that are left behind,
Those lives that live and breathe and pass their time on little earth?
Yet, past is prologue to that which bounds quickly to us like a hind,
Ever leaping toward us, as it did with Simeon and Anna in death.

Yet, we with them have a Blessed Hope in Jesus. It is our Coronation Day,
Where, as a "chaste virgin," we will be crowned with the blessed glory in
Jesus that was meant to be for us, where death and grave may never stay
And break again our new selves in Christ, new creations, ever freed from Sin.

O, happy day. . .