Ronald D. Curley

If I could see You for who You Are
With eyes so true, though from afar...
I’d see the Image -- One’s Face so marred,
The Face of God, akin to mine,
Set forth like flint to Jerushaly’im.
The Seed of my likeness -- within Him.
His hands upon the rough hewn wood,
be splintered hands, covered with blood;
Hands once that touched their healing marks
With tenderness and feeling Heart.
His feet now covered with sweaty mud,
I’d see all mixed -- those lines of blood,
Coursing unstopped from wounds above,
Downhill it flowed with perfect Love.
My view of Him -- imperfectly,
A matter of expectancy,
The Face of God, His Visage marred,
I see in Him my soul disbarred.
Beneath my load of sin all black;
The bleeding wounds upon His back;
The loosened flesh from neck to legs;
His bloodied backside / front -- all frayed.
Yet, on His Visage, brow with thorns;
A gentle look on Face so torn
His eyes are so full of Love for me.
I see His bondage set me free.
I’d placed them there by my ungrateful acts
of sin-filled pride’s unmindful tacts.
His eyes look within me, searchingly,
His gaze of Love -- so perfectly.
And, there with eyes clouded with tears,
I contemplate my sin filled years.
His gracious acts of righteousness,
Clearly show my forgetfulness
Of deepened scars -- borne with delight
By Love so True -- The Living Light.
Through pain-filled tears across the years,
My sight more focused through the tears,
I start to see You as You Are...
Perfected Love to all -- near and far.
Jesus, I see You -- Wisdom True
Is all Embodied within You.
The perfect plan You have Embodied
Was fostered by our heavenly Father.
I see Your eyes look deep within
To search my heart to free from sin.
I see so clearly Your intent...
Creating hearts that will repent.
If we would see You as You Are
With eyes so True though from afar,
We’d see the Image of One so marred,
The Kindred Face so filled with Love;
That Sacred Heart sent from above.
We’d see the purpose of it all,
The Kindred Heart -- the Love-filled call,
“Come unto Me with labor’s load.
I call you to My Story told.
I have for you a sweet refrain,
A restful Peace -- release from pain.”
So, now, in tear-filled joy I see
This sweetest Face that e’er could Be.
The Face of Jesus helps make of me
The likeness of His Kindred Soul.