Ronald D. Curley

One day, not so long ago, I found myself alone,
A soul that had it all, position, money and control.
Yet, through it all, there was so little satisfaction,
Since my soul was filled with such distraction.
That earthen vessel was parched with little water,
A dry broken cistern, and I sought the Living Water.
One day, that soul beheld Another Who was alone,
It was God the Man, His arms outstretched, the One
Who saw my plight and offered me a little taste
Of all the bounty that was to come, as God made haste
Slowly on my behalf to make me One with Christís
True Body, so full of steadfast Love within lifeís stress.
One day, not so long ago, a hand reached into mine
As tears fell from my eyes, sadness racing in the mind.
The Koinonia of His Body reached to touch a string within
My lonely heart and found a song that now would spend
Eternity with Him and look with trusting heart to Christ
To fully come within His Body and take His Eucharist.
One day, I found too that Christ was no longer alone,
But, a fellowship with all of you -- My sacramental Home.