Mary and the Most Holy Rosary: Some Thoughts of "Symmetry"

Our Lady is the Mother of the Church. As our Mother, the Mother of God, the Mother of our Savior, (the Lord Jesus Christ), she has an identification with, that is, a special identification with her Son, Jesus. There is a beauty to the Most Holy Rosary, a lovely symmetry that allows us to travel with her and explore our own destiny as we prepare, and are prepared by the Spouse of Mary, the Holy Spirit, to meet Jesus Face to face someday.

We are being made into a "chaste virgin," (II Cor. 11:2), as well, you know.

It is very fitting that Mary prays these mysteries with the visionaries, because she prays our prayer that shows us the symmetry of our own journey with Jesus, our Hope of Salvation and our only Savior.

Joyful mysteries -- The "annunciation" and "visitation" are parallel to the "presentation" and the "finding" of Jesus in the Temple. The main subject these other mysteries surround is the Birth of Jesus (3rd mystery). The annunciation of the Lord to the Temple's Ark of the Covenant is likened to the presentation of Jesus by the Ark in the temple. The visitation with Elizabeth (who name means, "house of God of Salvation", and Elizabeth was amazed and glorified God, giving us part of the Rosary), coincides with Salvation of Yahweh, (Jesus) teaching in the temple that spoke of his salvation coming to the amazed ones.

In the Sorrowful mysteries she prays with us in the valley of tears -- She was there with the pierced sword in her Immaculate Heart. The Crowning with Thorns (that also pierce) is the central point of these mysteries. The "agony" in the garden is coupled with the "carrying of the Cross," as we must be prepared to suffer the Passion with Jesus, as we take up our Crosses and follow him as Mary did. The "scourging" at the pillar and the "Crucifixion" and death are coupled as the ultimate thing that little mankind may do to us in Christ, as we fully surrender with Mary to Jesus, her Son. Phil. 2:1-8 -- Jesus paid it all.

But, the Glorious mysteries are the ones that lead us with Mary and Jesus into the joy that is set before all of us in the fulness of her Spouse, the Holy Spirit, that we see in the 3rd main mystery -- Pentecost (the "descent of the Holy Spirit" is the birth of the Church she is Mother of, as chosen by Jesus and given to John at the Cross. The "resurrection" of our Lord parallels and connects with the "assumption" of our Lady (a resurrection for her) to the heavens. The "ascension" of Jesus our risen King corresponds with the "coronation" of our Lady, the Queen Mother in heaven.

The "Hail Mary...," is "Rejoice Mary...," and as such, she may also rejoice, as we do in this valley of tears. This is in order that we may also learn rejoicing, because we are going to be presenbted to Christ someday as a "chaste virgin," our Lady desires that we experience this reality now in the blessed hope of our Lord's return in glory for us all.

Let us be faithful and fruitful in faith with her, our Mother, for him, (Jesus), our Savior.

Deus et Sanctissima

In Christ --Ron

Philippians 1:6

Praise be to our Lord Jesus Christ!

Thank you, Lord, for our Lady and Mother...


"Br. Barnabas"
St. Anthony's Retreat
Florence, Montana