The weekly homily of
Fr. Anthony R. Curley, OSB+ (aocc)

Superior of the Benedictine Community of Saint Anthony
(Stevensville, Montana, U.S.A.)

A Community of the AOCC

Since December 1997, Father Daniel Meynen has published on this site the works of Father Anthony Ron Curley, a former evangelical Pastor. Father Anthony - then not yet a priest - was led by the Holy Spirit to enter the Roman Catholic Church in 1995 and he received the sacrament of Confirmation on Easter 1997. But not finding for him and his brothers the needed diocesan support for the ministries and peace of heart to work freely for the Lord, he moved from the Roman Catholic Church to enter the still conservative and evangelistic American Old Catholic Church in August 2002. Recently, on January 25, 2003, Father Anthony has been ordained a priest (see picture here).

Father Daniel Meynen wants to continue to support the publication of Father Anthony's works, in the communion of a unique and orthodox approach to the Holy Scripture and a unique Spirit of God. Fr. Anthony has a great love for the Roman Catholic Church and all brothers and sisters in Christ Jesus. May we all pray for one another and May the visitors of this site say a prayer for the Unity of All Christians!

Each week, Father Anthony composes a homily on Sunday's Gospel. You can receive the homily for the following Sunday via e-mail every Wednesday. All you would have to do is fill in a form

Note: this service is entirely free of charge!

Father Anthony's latest homily, as well as links to his previous homilies, are on this page, just below. Enjoy your reading!


Fr. Anthony's Weekly Homilies

Fr. Anthony R. Curley, OSB+ (aocc)
Benedictine Community of Saint Anthony
Stevensville, Montana

Archives 1998  -  Liturgical cycle C

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Archives 1999  -  Liturgical cycle A

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Archives 2000  -  Liturgical cycle B

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Archives 2001  -  Liturgical cycle C

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Archives 2002  -  Liturgical cycle A

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Archives 2003  -  Liturgical cycle B

Homily for the first Sunday of Advent - Mark 13:33-37
Homily for the second Sunday of Advent - Mark 1:1-8
Homily for the third Sunday of Advent - John 1:6-8; 19-28
Homily for the fourth Sunday of Advent - Luke 1:26-38
Homily for the feast of the Holy Family (Lk. 2:22-40)
Homily for the Epiphany of the Lord (Mt. 2:1-12)
Homily for the Baptism of the Lord (Mk. 7:1-11)